Let's Earn


Frequently asked questions
Frequently Asked Questions: The answers to all of your questions.
What is Let's Earn?
Let's earn is the first sustainable auto-compounding & auto-staking protocol on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). Setting a new standard in the industry where $LETSEARN holders earn high returns just by holding, but in a highly sustainable way compared to existing protocols.
What is $LETSEARN?
It's the native token of Let's Earn powering the ecosystem. $LETSEARN is a token on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) with an elastic supply. It rewards it's holders with a positive rebase formula in a sustainable way. Where auto-staking & auto-compounding provide holders a stable and exponentially growing passive income. Just by holding the token in a decentralized wallet (Trustwallet or Metamask are recommended).
Why is Let's Earn more sustainable over other protocols?
The Let's Earn Protocol gives the $LETSEARN token automatic staking and compounding features. While maintaining an outstandingly high APY of 109,619.88%, the Let's Earn Protocol is optimized to be sustainable where other protocols will not last in the long term.
Sustainability will be accomplished by lowering the rebase reward times per day, this will result in:
  • Lower gas fees daily, which will make sure rebases can still be paid out at lower volumes.
To make up for lowering the reward times, the holdings multiplier per rebase is a lot higher than comparible protocols. This will result in:
  • Gaining profits more quickly instead of having to hold for months before the real compound effect kicks in.
  • Through making solid profits short-term instead of all holders making insane profit long-term, the liquidity pool will not be drained at once but will handle sell orders in a better-spread way.
What is APY?
APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield. This measures the real rate of return on your principal tokens amount by taking into account the effect of compounding interest. In the case of letsearn.io, your $LETSEARN tokens represent your principal, and the compound interest is added periodically on every Rebase event (8 times per day).
Your new principal amount is your then current $LETSEARN token amount, plus your new rebase token amount. This total amount is what gets calculated for your next rebase rewards.
What is rebase?
Rebase is basically adjusting circulating capacity i.e decrease by burning out the tokens or increase by adding tokens to supply - including all holder's and LP's holding tokens count. This is done in order to adjust the token price, without affecting the value of anyone's share of tokens. This increase or decrease in supply works with a mechanism that adjusts the supply algorithmically.
What is RFV?
RFV stands for Risk Free Value which is an important feature in the Let's Earn Autostaking Protocol (LEAP). It is a separate wallet that collects funds through getting 5% of all trading fees on the $LETSEARN/$BNB liquidity pool on Pancakeswap.
The RVF is used to support and stabilize the liquidity pool if needed. For example:
  • With low liquidity -> the RFV will be used to add liquidity to the pool
  • During a sell-off -> the RFV will be used to buy back $LETSEARN to support the price
What is Treasury?
The Treasury plays a very important role in the LEAP (Let's Earn Autostaking Protocol). It provides three extremely critical functions for the growth and sustainability of Let's Earn.
Treasury is a separate wallet that can be seen as additional financial support next to the Risk Free Value wallet. Next to financially supporting the RFV when necessary, the Treasury will be used for:
  • Improving & expanding the Let's Earn Protocol with new functionality and products.
  • Expanding marketing team & fund marketing.