Let's Earn


What differs Let's Earn from other protocols and why it is sustainable

Let's Earn Protocol

The Let's Earn Protocol gives the $LETSEARN token automatic staking and compounding features. While maintaining an outstandingly high APY of 109,619.88%, the Let's Earn Protocol is optimized to be sustainable where other protocols will not last in the long term.
Sustainability will be accomplished by lowering the rebase reward times per day, this will result in:
  • Lower gas fees daily, which will make sure rebases can still be paid out at lower volumes.
To make up for lowering the reward times, the holdings multiplier per rebase is a lot higher than comparible protocols. This will result in:
  • Gaining profits more quickly instead of having to hold for months before the real compound effect kicks in.
  • Through making solid profits short-term instead of all holders making insane profit long-term, the liquidity pool will not be drained at once but will handle sell orders in a better-spread way.

Differences with other protocols

Let's Earn Protocol
Other Auto-Compounding Protocols
102,483% >
Holdings Multiplier p/r
< 1,0004208
Sustainability short-term
Sustainability long-term
Not sustainable
LP sell pressure
Spread out over time
Focused at the time the real compound effect kicks in