Let's Earn


Everything about what powers the Let's Earn ecosystem
$LETSEARN smart contract: Soon available

Powering the ecosystem

The Let's Earn ecosystem is powered by the $LETSEARN token, having a very important role in the ecosystem. Without $LETSEARN, all this could not be possible.


$LETSEARN is a token on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) with an elastic supply. It rewards it's holders with a positive rebase formula in a sustainable way. Where auto-staking & auto-compounding provide holders a stable and exponentially growing passive income. Just by holding the token in a decentralized wallet (Trustwallet or Metamask are recommended).

Buy & Sell Fees

Buy and sell fees in the $LETSEARN/$BNB liquidity pool on Binance Smart Chain's leading dex Pancakeswap are a very important feature of the protocol. They keep the protocol running and make up for being healthy by stacking the LP, RFV and Treasury. This way we can assure the stable APY of 109 619,88%.

Buy fee: 13%

  • Automatic LP -> 5%
  • Risk Free Value (RFV) -> 5%
  • Treasury -> 3%

Sell fee: 16%

  • Automatic LP -> 5%
  • Risk Free Value (RFV) -> 5%
  • Treasury -> 6%